Sunday, February 28, 2010

Carlos Cavazo Interview

Just today, I got a reply to an email from Carlos Cavazo. If you must know, Carlos Cavazo is the guitarist for Ratt currently. Cavazo is probably best known for his time served in Quiet Riot in the 1980’s. This interview has taken a long peroid of time to conduct. Before I go into the interview, I want to thank Carlos and Vicki (aka Rockin’ Queen) for replying to my interview. Hope you all enjoy!

1. Since the time I’ve first contacted you, Ratt will officially release a new album in
March called Infestation. Do you know when a tour will follow?

We contstantly work with flyouts & play a few shows a month, but a long tour won't happen until summer.

2. I find it interesting that Quiet Riot and Ratt both came out at the same time and now 25 years later, you’re a member of Ratt. How well did you know the band then back in 1983 or 1984?

I knew Robin Crosby before I knew any of them & hung around Stephen Pearcy in the early 80's , and got to know the rest of them through out the years.

3. At what age did you begin to play guitar? Who were your influences or favorite

I started playing guitar at the age of 9. My favorite bands were Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, and Iron Butterlfy.

4. From what I know, you were in Snow before you joined Quiet Riot. Can you remember
the first time you met Kevin and Frankie? When did they ask you to join Quiet Riot?

I went to audition for QUIET RIOT back in end of 1981.

5. Did you know who Quiet Riot were when they started out originally in the late 1970’s?

I knew who Kevin was, but the band was called DUBROW at that time, and we changed it to back to QUIET RIOT after we got signed.

6. Just curious: Did you ever get to know Randy Rhoads?

I have met Randy a number of times at parties and shows that my band SNOW did with them. And Randy was always very nice.

7. The song “Metal Health” is credited to you, Kevin, Frankie, and your brother Tony. What
was the inspiration for the song and the chours?

Kevin had heard the term from Randy about kids head banging over in Europe so he wrote lyrics about it, and the music was a SNOW song titled " No More Booze”, Kevin and I changed some of the music.

8. I’ve heard the funny story about how you guys didn’t want to record “Cum On Feel the
Noize”. When it did become a hit, you obviously had to play it live. What do you think of the song now?

We were always fans of SLADE but we didnt wanna play a cover tune & the producer thought it would be a good song for us. So we recorded it.

9. Condition Critical didn’t do as well as Metal Health, nor did the albums after.
For you, what is your favorite Quiet Riot album? Song?

Their album is Metal Health and song is “Bang your Head”.

10. Another curious one: When Quiet Riot became popular 1983, there was already a band from
New York simply called Riot (who I’m getting into. So far, I have Fire Down Under,Thundersteel, and Shine On). From what I’ve read, they disappeared for a while because of the confussion. Back then, were you guys aware of this?

Yes, we were aware of them & they were a good band and still are.

11. When Kevin was fired, you and Frankie continued. What made you want to continue?( I
ask this because when you look back in the 1970’s Kevin was the only original
member left…although a lot of people thought Quiet Riot were new in the 1980’s)

We still had the record deal, and Kevin didnt want any part of it, so we continued on without him.

12. Is it true that you and Kevin reformed the band? How did that happen? When did
Frankie rejoin?

Kevin and I reformed the band beginning of 91' Frankie rejoined in 93'

13. Can you tell me a little more about Kenny Hillary?

Kenny worked with the band for a few years & left the band. A year later he passes away.

14. Rudy explained to me why Quiet Riot ended in 2003. When Kevin and Frankie reformed
in 2005, you weren’t there. If you can, could you tell me why?

I didn’t want to reform without the original band.

15. Do you have a favorite memory of Kevin?

My favorite memory of Kevin was being on stage with him.

16. Do you keep in contact with Rudy or Frankie?

I keep in touch contact with Rudy.

17. What are you looking forward to this year in 2010?

I’m looking forward to working with RATT on this new record and
spending time with my beautiful girlfriend Vicki (aka ROCKINQUEEN)
and my family.

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