Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rock N Roll Hall of Fame 2017 Nominees- My Thoughts

Although revealed later compared to previous years, the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame has announced the nominees up for induction in 2017. This year, a total of 19 artists have been nominated. There are some surprises and some painfully bad choices. I'll share my thoughts on all of the acts nominated into several categories.

Put them in: My ballot
Electric Light Orchestra
Joan Baez
The Zombies

The Hall seems to have gotten the memo from Steve Miller's rants last year and have nominated some women this year. It is an absolute joke that Joan Baez is not in there yet and she should be in there immediately. The same goes for the Zombies. While they weren't together for a long time in their original run, they should've been in there years ago. MC5 comes as a pleasant surprise, as they haven't been nominated in 13 years. I think Tom Morello has tried his hardest to get them on the list and they better get in there. While both progressive rock in some way, ELO and Yes should be in there.

Sure, why not?
Bad Brains
The Cars
Depeche Mode
Jane's Addiction
Janet Jackson
Pearl Jam

If any of these artists got in, I wouldn't mind it. The Cars and Kraftwerk have been trying to get in for years now. While "newer", Jane's Addition and Pearl Jam are okay by me- although I would rather see the artists before their formation to get in first. I think of those two, Pearl Jam are a shoe-in. Bad Brains and Depeche Mode seem to hint that the Hall might look into other sub genres. With the Bad Brains, this could open the door for bands like Black Flag and X. As for Janet Jackson, the Hall is lacking in women. If Baez doesn't get in, let it be her.

J. Geils Band

This is the J. Geils Band's fourth nomination. As a non-fan, I can say their music is pretty good but are they really that worthy of being nominated so many times? Aside from "Born to Be Wild" and "Magic Carpet Ride," what else were Steppenwolf known for? With Journey, I just don't like them. I find them to be overplayed on classic rock radio stations. Now are they worthy of getting in- regardless of me not liking them? Yeah, maybe some day.

Wasted Spots
Chaka Khan
Joe Tex

Okay, so maybe Chaka Khan isn't that much of a wasted spot. Joe Tex had five chances to get in, but I'll cut him a break since this hasn't been too consecutive. As with Chic, it's been annoyingly ridiculous: this is their ELEVENTH TIME being nominated and their FIFTH CONSECUTIVE TIME being nominated. Why can't they just give Nile Rodgers an award for his excellence or something?

PISS OFF (but is probably going to get in anyway)

As predicted by many, Tupac Shakur is one of the 19 acts that has been nominated. It's already known that the Hall is a joke, as many rap artists have been able to get in before long-time snubs. Are they doing this to piss people off?

It shouldn't have to matter but I like to put a positive spin on all of this. Since Metallica's induction, their involvement in getting their influences inducted has paid off. Also, the artists have been an eclectic mix of artists- with some artists getting nominated for the first time. This is still the case for this year but c'mon: the public should have a say in who gets nominated. The fan vote really doesn't mean anything: while it tries to get people involved, our vote are counted as one whole ballot in the end. If the fan vote has any impact, the person who leads the poll has always been inducted.

I'm starting to ramble now so I'm going to shut up and just leave this as it is.   

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Rolling Stones to release Blue & Lonesome in December

Afters months of speculation and hints, it has been announced that the Rolling Stones will release a new studio album. The album, Blue & Lonesome, will be the band's first studio album since 2005's A Bigger Bang. As the early articles reported, Blue & Lonesome will be an album consisting of covers of blues songs. The album was recorded earlier this year. In just three days, the band were able to churn out 12 songs for a new album. As reported before, Eric Clapton is to appear on the album.

Blue & Lonesome will be released on December 2. The tracking list is as follows, with the original artist and/or writer/s in parentheses...

1. Just Your Fool (Little Walter)
2. Commit a Crime (Howlin' Wolf)
3. Blue & Lonesome (Little Walter)
4. All of Your Love (Magic Sam)
5. I Gotta Go (Little Walter)
6. Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (Little Johnny Taylor, written by Miles Grayson and Lermon Horton)
7. Ride 'Em On Down (Eddie Taylor)
8. Hate To See You Go (Little Walter)
9. Hoo Doo Blues (Lighnin' Slim, written by Otis Hicks & Jerry West)
10. Little Rain (Jimmy Reed, written by Ewart G Abner and Jimmy Reed)
11. Just Like I Treat You (Howlin' Wolf, written by Willie Dixon)
12. I Can't Quit You Baby (Otis Rush, written by Willie Dixon)