Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sony strikes a deal with the Michael Jackson estate

A seven year , ten project deal was made recently by Sony for $250 million to release Michael Jackson's music. According to, this deal could mean reissues of the King of Pop's albums, new compilations, and possibly a Cirque du Soleil show featuring Jackson's music. Other possible projects could, of course, include releases of Jackson's unreleased material. According to the article on Rolling Stone, there are over 100 songs Jackson left on his hard drive. This includes, according to manager Frank DiLeo, collaborations with Akon, and Ne-Yo. According to DiLeo, there are many songs from the 1987 Bad album that haven't been released. The new deal could also mean a remix album and a DVD collection of Jackson's iconic music videos.

This is pretty big news for Jackson fans and music itself. I've been reading for years that Michael was working on a new album before he passed away. From what I read, something like this could come out during November or December. The only official posthumous release so far is the "This Is It" song. Only two songs that have been leaked, which include "Another Day" and "A Place with No Name". Also, I'm most interested in seeing a complete collection of Jackson's music videos. Currently, there are the two HIStory DVDs that have most of his music videos. Michael has a total of almost 30 videos and a little over half are on those two DVDs. I'd also like to see the long lost Moonwalker movie released.

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