Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ronnie James Dio dies at 67

Ronnie James Dio
July 10, 1942-May 16, 2010

Sadly today at 7:45 am, Ronnie James Dio passed away. He was 67 years old. Without a doubt, Dio had one of the best voices in the metal world. Dio started out his career in a few bands and by the early 1970's, he was in Elf. In 1975, he was the lead singer for Rainbow until 1978. He replace Ozzy Osbourne in 1980 in Black Sabbath. Sabbath would end up making three studio albums and one live album with Dio. Then in 1983, Dio formed his own group called Dio. In recent years, Dio has been the singer for Sabbath spin-off band Heaven and Hell. In December 2009, Dio was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Heaven and Hell were forced to cancel their summer tour as a result.

Words cannot describe how sad I am about Ronnie's passing. Ronnie was and will forever be on of my favorite singers of all time. He had one of the best set of pipes in metal for sure. Ronnie's music will never die and live on forever. Rest in peace, Ronnie. We'll miss you a lot man!

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