Monday, August 23, 2010

Kiss to cover "Venus and Mars" on McCartney tribute album

Note: This is old news, I know but I just heard about it so zip it.

In an interview with, Kiss bassist Gene Simmons says that Kiss has or will be covering the Wings song "Venus and Mars" for an upcoming Paul McCartney tribute album. It also reads on the band's official site that performers such as Billy Joel, Garth Brooks, BB King, and Paul Rodgers will be on the tribute album as well. It reads,

"After being invited, we chose and sang Venus and Mars/Rockshow for the McCartney tribute album. Other performers include Billy Joel, Garth Brooks, BB King and Paul Rodgers. The backing tracks were all recorded by Paul McCartney's touring band. We consider it an honor to be asked to participate on a tribute to one of the most influential and greatest singer/songwriters of all time. Not to mention, a major force in the most important band of all time, The Beatles. Wow!

I'm very surprised by this news. Kiss covers Wings?! I could never imagine that happening. As it says it the statement above, it looks like the band will cover both "Venus and Mars" and "Rockshow" since they are two parts of one song. I'll be looking forward to hearing this!

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