Monday, May 23, 2011

Joe Perry denies Aerosmith's appearance on American Idol finale, reveals info on band's new album

Last week, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry announced that the band will not make an appearance on the finale for American Idol on May 26 despite singer and Idol judge Steven Tyler saying the band would. Tyler had confirmed that the band would perform at the finale. According to Perry, he and the other three members of Aerosmith don't have any interest of playing on the show since they don't have anything to promote. Also, Perry says it would be impossible for the band to appear on the Season 10 finale of the Fox hit TV show since guitarist Brad Whitford has a gig that night with Experience Hendrix. Meanwhile, Aerosmith are still working on their long awaited 15th studio album and according to Perry, the band will be finished with recording in July and August. Perry has also confirmed that the new album is being produced by Jack Douglas. Douglas is no stranger to Aerosmith, as he had produced most of the band's earlier albums such as Get Your Wings, Toys in the Attic, Rocks, and Draw the Line just to name a few. Douglas did get credit as co-producer for the band's last studio album, which was 2004's Honkin' On a Bobo. Perry also stated that the band just might play on Idol next season.
It seems that there's still some lack of communication between Steven and Joe still. Guys, cut the crap and get rolling! Aerosmith fans have been waiting for a kick-ass album for the longest time. No offense but even though I don't own the newer albums (including Get A Grip, Nine Lives, and Just Push Play), hardcore fans want the real deal. No poppy songs. We want straight up, ass kicking rock n roll ala Toys and Rocks. I'm overjoyed to hear that Jack Douglas is producing the album and I agree with Perry: it's the "icing on the cake" indeed. As for not being on Idol, I could care less. I've mentioned before that Idol was once a guilty pleasure of mine but I gave up on it after Season 8, I think. I only saw some of this season and some of Steven's madness. Unfortunately, the new format is working and the show will be back in 2012. Still, Steven being on the show doesn't seem to be really slow the band down. I think I'll just wait for the new album, which doesn't look like it's coming out this year...or is it?

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