Monday, October 17, 2011

Edgar Winter Group drummer Chuck Ruff dead at 60

Chuck Ruff
May 25, 1951-October 14, 2011

Chuck Ruff, drummer for the Edgar Winter Group and various other bands/artists, died on Friday October 14, 2011. The cause of death is said to be from a long time illness. Ruff was 60 years old. Ruff was the drummer for the Edgar Winter Group when they formed in late 1972. The band's original line-up consisted of Winter, Ruff, guitarist Ronnie Montrose, and guitarist/bassist/singer Dan Hartman. The band's debut album, They Only Come Out At Night, was a huge success spawning hit singles out of "Free Ride" and "Frankenstein". The band would make another two albums, with Rick Derringer replacing Montrose. Although Winter dropped the name, Ruff would continue to play for Winter every so often. Ruff also played for Sammy Hagar's first few albums. Speaking of which, Hagar himself made a statement saying,

"I lost one of my old bandmates, Chuck Ruff. Chuck was my drummer on Danger Zone and Street Machine and many many live tours together. I have only memories of great times and great music with Chuck. My condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones."

RIP Chuck

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  1. The drumming skills and visual appeal Ruff added to Winter's group dynamics were quite appealing for me as a pre teen. I can remember being in the mexxanine at the Orpheum Boston in Oct 74, sitting as far fwd. as they'd let me near the railing, which wasn't even near it, and I saw Ruff ome on stage prior to show start, no fanfare. I waved widly, and perhaps b/c of my youth and inexperience being in a pot smokin concert in 5th grade, I caught his eye and he waved back. i know that wasn't much, but it brought me to continue in music (drums, guitar, keys), through the hardest part of life-growing up...still, I miss this guy today!
    At least he didnt: 1)meet the fate of White Trash's drummer, beaten to death by karate gangs after a gig when he was aggressive, and 2)He didn't particularly suffer at Sammy Hagar's hand, saying that he was given the cold shoulder by pre Van Hagar, and though the guy not particularly nice...even compared to cold Ronny Montrose. Good looking, great drum kit...and could keep up w. Ed...and he had a good life in CA thereafter, so best wishes to his soul or family, wherever they are!