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Quiet Riot "Live at the US Festival 1983" Review

 Quiet Riot - Live at the US Festival 1983
Quiet Riot
Live at the US Festival 1983
Rating: ****

Shout Factory has released a CD/DVD combo pack of Quiet Riot's performance at the US Festival in 1983. Quiet Riot were the first band to play on Heavy Metal Day, which was on May 29, 1983. The band performed in the afternoon to a crowd of 500,000 people. This archival release is a nice thing to have and it's also an important part of Quiet Riot's history. 

The band's set consists of eight to nine songs, making it a solid 40 minute set. The band run through songs off their 1983 album, Metal Health. It was the band's debut album in America, as two albums by the band back in the 1970's were only released in Japan (both which featured Randy Rhoads). The band open their set with "Danger Zone", a song that didn't make the original Metal Health album (a studio version can be found on the 2001 reissue of the album).

The band is full of energy, especially singer Kevin DuBrow. All of the songs are performed pretty much the same as they were on Metal Health. "Love's a Bitch" does sound a bit different and "Slick Black Cadillac" is lacking the fading in backing vocals. Still, Quiet Riot play a rough and tough set. The audience seem to be enjoying the show as well, especially when the band goes into "Cum On Feel The Noize", which was the hit single off the album.

Drummer Frankie Banali is playing brilliantly, which is somewhat similar to how John Bonham of Led Zeppelin played. Guitarist Carlos Cavazo shows off his guitar playing throughout the show. The guitar solo, "Battle Axe", is a great example of his. Bassist Rudy Sarzo is just a monster, furiously slapping the bass and head banging. As mentioned before, DuBrow is just amazing. Until his passing in 2007, DuBrow was infamous for being very brutally honest in various metal magazines. This doesn't matter: DuBrow was a great singer. His vocals are similar to Steve Marriot's. Also, the guy knew how to work the stage and get people pumped up. Watching the DVD, DuBrow is decked out in red spandex and suspenders, with red Converse sneakers. DuBrow was certainly a character and nearly five years after his passing, he is sorely missed. 

If you are a fan of Quiet Riot, you should get this CD/DVD set. It's nice to have, especially the DVD. If you happened to be one of those 500,000 people that were there that day, this makes a great souvenir. Shout Factory seem to be releasing other performance from the US Festival as well. Personally, I'm happy with my purchase. 

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