Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peter Gabriel will not reunite with Genesis for Hall of Fame induction

Were you hoping for the classic line-up of Genesis to reunite at the 2010 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony? Don't hold your breath: According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Peter Gabriel has stated he will not be performing with the band. He stated that the last time he reunited with the band in 1982, he learned that "you just can't get up there. You have to rehearse". Gabriel is also unsure if he'll be attending the ceremony, as he is rehearsing for a tour in Europe. Gabriel remarked that it won't be easy to arrange this but he will try to show up. However, he hinted that he may work with the band on a movie version of the band's 1974 concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Peter also mentioned there's a small chance of the band reuniting again to perform Lamb live (along with guitarist Steve Hackett) as Phil Collins still can't drum due to surgery from last year.

Well, this sucks. As a huge fan of the Gabriel era, this is a huge disappointment. I was looking forward to Peter dressing up in his flower costume for "Supper's Ready" ("A flower?")! I'm not sure if Steve [Hackett] will perform with the band. Steve is a great guitarist and it would be nice to see him take the stage with Mike, Phil, and Tony. Perhaps they could do something off of Trick of the Tail? I'm not sure. As for the idea of a Lamb movie, that sounds awesome although it would be quite difficult. Peter seems very keen in working with Lamb again as it was his baby back in the day. Lamb has a ambitious storyline so it would be interesting to see if this project comes around. Otherwise, all we can do now is hope the rest of the band attends and probably performs (preferably with Phil singing as he can't drum).

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