Monday, July 26, 2010

Phil Lynott's family accept man as rocker's son

Macdaragh Lambe is a Galway-based sculptor who lives in Dublin, Ireland. In 2003, Lambe made headlines when he claimed that he was the son of the late Thin Lizzy bassist, Phil Lynott. No one acknowledged his announcement until now. In a newspaper interview yesterday Lynott's mother, Philomena, state that Lambe is indeed Lynott's son. She is quoted to saying that father and son both have the same eyes and thumbs (as Lynott used to play bass). Lambe is delighted by the news, but he's more happy for his son Rory (who was born April of this year) can say who he really is. Lambe's story of his childhood is interesting. Lambe was born in 1968 in Dublin, Ireland. He was born due to a relationship between his mother and Lynott. He was put up for adoption and taken in the care of Oliver and Martina Lambe. As Lambe grew up, people were telling him he looked Phil Lynott. When Lambe's parents died when he was 35, Lambe searched for his adoption papers. By father's name, it said "Phillip" and his occupation was "musician". Lambe figure there weren't many black musicians named Phillip so he then concluded that Phil Lynott was his biological father. It was confirmed once Lambe met his birth mother. Lambe and his partner are currently raising his son Rory, he is said to have a head of black hair...just like grandpa.
This is really a fascinating story. I'm aware that Phil did have two daughters with his wife Caroline. This is news to me. I think Lambe looks like Phil. I really do. Go see for yourself...

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