Thursday, October 14, 2010

Michael Jackson- New products revealed

It was reported months ago that the estate of singer Michael Jackson made a deal with Sony Records to start releasing a line of posthumous products of the late King of Pop. There are three new products coming towards the end of the year, one of which hasn't had any information released yet.
The first release will be a DVD set called Michael Jackson's Vision. The new DVD set will contain three discs, featuring all of the singer's iconic music videos including "Thriller", "Billie Jean", and "Bad" just to name a few of the 40 some videos. This is the first time that all of Jackson's videos are released together. The DVD set will feature at least ten videos that have never been released on DVD before. One of them, "One More Chance", has never been seen before. The song was released on the 2003 compilation Number Ones as a new studio track. Jackson meant to release the video but with the child molestation charges coming back, the video was never released as a result. The set will also include some collaborations Jackson participated in. Examples include his hit with Paul McCartney "Say Say Say" as well as the promo videos he made with his brothers in the Jacksons. Jackson's videos have indeed been released on DVD on the HIStory DVDs, which there are two volumes of. Visions will most likely replace those DVDs with this, as this set is clearly superior to the older DVDs. A limited edition of the set will include a 60-page book. Michael Jackson's Visions will be release on November 22.
Following the release of the DVD set, a new video game will be released. The game, Michael Jackson: The Experience, will test both fans and gamers if they can dance like the King of Pop. The game will mainly focus on dancing as opposed to the singing (in other words: this is more DDR than Rock Band or SingStar). There will, however, be a karaoke option for some versions of the game. Only a few song titles have been announced: "Bad", "Beat It", "Billie Jean", and "Smooth Criminal". The game could possibly be a party favorite as the game does allow more than one player. The game will be released on November 23 on Wii, PSP, and Nintendo DS. The game will also be released on PS3 and XBOX 360 but according to Amazon, the XBOX game won't be released until March 1, 2011.
Finally, Jackson's first posthumous album will be released at some point before the year ends. No release date has been announce nor has a tracking list or details. Still, the album will included ten never before released songs.
This is really cool news. I'll think about getting the DVD set and would love to hear more information on the album. As for the game, I'd like to see a sample of it. Still, this should be very interesting.

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