Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason is open to a reunion

Recently, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason was interviewed. He said in the interview that he'd be open to reuniting with former bandmate guitarist David Gilmour and bassist Roger Waters. Mason has stated that he likes the idea of "repeating the Live 8 concept", which means Mason is wanting to do a performance for charity. Live 8 was back in the summer of 2005, in which the classic line-up of Pink Floyd reunited for the first time on stage in over 20 years. The band also reunited in 2007 for a tribute show to Syd Barrett but the line up for that was Gilmour, Mason, and keyboardist Rick Wright. Waters was at that show but didn't join his former bandmates on stage that night. There are other signs that show a reunion could just work. Earlier this year, fans were surprised to see when Waters and Gilmour performed four songs together at a benefit concert in England. As a result, Gilmour has promised to make a surprise appearance during one of Waters' tour dates for his 2010 tour for The Wall to perform "Comfortably Numb". Waters himself has also been open to a reunion saying he would do a one-off gig, according to an interview with Rolling Stone about a month ago. Waters has said there is no way they'll do a tour but he likes the idea of doing something like Live 8 again. However, Waters remarked it is a shame that the band didn't get together again before Rick Wright passed away back in September 2008.
When I first saw the title for this article on Rolling Stone's website, I was actually hoping to hear about some kind of tour. Why the hell did I fall for that? Jeez. Still, I'm pretty surprised that the guys are open to reuniting despite the fact that Rick has been dead for two years (also, Syd has been dead for four year but wasn't he metaphorically dead already?). The way I see it, Live 8 did a lot for the band. I think it put everyone on good terms, especially David and Roger. After reading the fantastic book called Comfortably Numb, I learned many new things about the band. One of the them being that Roger was a bit of a bully, especially around Rick. What I got from that book is that Roger and Rick didn't get along too well and thought that there could be a small chance of a reunion of some sorts. If there is a one-off gig, I'm pretty sure this might be the last time Pink Floyd get together since Roger has ruled out recording any new material and Nick has said that a one-off gig could be a nice way to retirement.

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