Friday, November 5, 2010

New Michael Jackson studio album to be released December 14

After many months of speculation and rumors, Epic Records have announced that they will release the first posthumous studio album by Michael Jackson. The album, simply titled Michael, will be released on December 14. The album is said to feature some dozen complete unreleased songs. The album's first single, "Breaking News", will be released on November 8 on the King of Pop's official website. Reports claim that "Breaking News" was recorded in New Jersey in 2007. While this is all very exciting, there is still some speculation in this release. According to TMZ (I know. They suck but just read), Michael's children have stated that the recording is not of their father singing. Michael's oldest child, Prince, has said it sounds nothing like the original. People involved in the project are saying that Jackson's children are being "manipulated" by their grandmother (Michael's mother) and other people who don't want the album released.

Okay I'm confused. This is great that more of Michael's music will be released. Ever since he passed, this is the thing I've been most curious about: a posthumous studio album. As for the recordings being phony, this does concern me especially if it's coming from Michael's own family. However, this is freakin TMZ who are reporting this. TMZ is one of the worst news sources ever. They are more gossip than fact. I also don't like people in the project saying that his children are being manipulated. That just doesn't sound right. See how f***ed up the music business is? Still, I'll get the new album. I'm looking forward to it very much.

PS: I know that barely anyone reads this blog at all but I'm just going to answer this to people who are curious about why I write posts on Michael. Technically, he isn't rock or heavy metal. Am I just doing this because he died a year ago?
When I first got into classic rock and heavy metal, one of the the things I tried to avoid was newer music or whatever. Being a Beatles fan, I learned about Michael's connection with Paul McCartney. Whenever I would read about music history, Thriller would always creep up on me. In 2003 or 2004, everyone was against him and making fun of him due to his then recent counts of child molestation. I may've been one of them for a while but whenever anyone is against someone else (example: Yoko Ono), I try to find ever reason to like that person. At the time of Michael's trial in 2005, there were countless documentaries on TV about him. I watched them and felt so sorry for him. This guy had a rough life. He's innocent. So I did liked Michael Jackson as a person. As for his music, I just heard a few songs here and there. I thought they were catchy and cool. However, I was afraid of buying the music because I thought I would laughed at (which is weird. I already was listening to The Mamas and the Papas and Metallica. Two COMPLETELY different groups!).
When Michael passed, it was really depressing. I found the coverage depressing and when that happens, I just listen to the music of someone when they pass. I didn't have any of his music though. Weeks later I picked up Thriller and I really liked it. There'll be those people who say they've loved Michael always and listen to him all the time. These people were saying this after he died. I'll be one of the few honest ones: I didn't really get into his music after he passed away. I'm sure if he didn't pass away, I would've gotten Thriller at some point that summer.
Long story short for those who wish not to read all my rambling: I'm sure Michale's legacy will live on forever, even without me. I want to be one of those people who will help keep his music alive for more generations to come, just like my other favorite artists.

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