Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Queen sign to Universal, reissues coming out next year

Recently, the three surviving members of Queen ended their 40 year stay with EMI and have now switched to Universal. Now that Queen is on Universal, the label plans to reissue 15 Queen albums. Starting in March 2011, Universal will reissue the band's first five albums which include:

Queen II
Sheer Heart Attack
A Night at the Opera
A Day at the Races

This is all being done in honor of the band's 40th anniversary since forming. There is no word on when the other albums will be released.

I'm a bit confused here. EMI have loss another one of their acts. First Paul McCartney, then the Rolling Stones, and now Queen. It must suck to be EMI. As for the reissues, I'm not sure if I'm going to get them. I own all of those five albums in different ways. I've got Queen II, Opera, and Races all on CD. I transfered the cassette of Queen to digital and got Sheer Heart Attack on iTunes (which is now on a CD-R, of course). The last time the Queen albums were touched was in 1991. That's nearly a 20 year difference. I think I'm happy with what I've got for now. Universal did the same thing with the Stones a year ago and not too many people liked the new reissue. For the Stones, I didn't get them. I'm already happy with what I got by them. The sound on them is great. I did, however, get Exile On Main Street just for that second disc.

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