Sunday, March 6, 2011

Phil Collins announces his retirement

Phil Collins has announced his retirement from the music business. The 60 year old member of Genesis has cited his health as the main reason for his retirement. In late 2009, Collins revealed that he could no long drum as a result from shoulder, where his vertebra in his neck had been dislocated. When interviewed by Rolling Stone in late 2010, it was revealed that Collins was now focused on raising his children and researching on the Alamo for a hobby and a possible book. Collins released an album last year called Going Back. That album will most likely be the last thing Collins will release. Collins joined Genesis as their new drummer in 1970, just around the time guitarist Steve Hackett joined. With Collins, Hackett, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks- this is considered by many fans to be the classic line-up on Genesis. This line-up released classic albums such as Nursery Crymes, Foxtrot, Selling England By the Pound, and the concept album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. This line-up ended when Gabriel left the band. Now without a singer, the band searched for one but then realized their new singer was already in the band: Collins. With Collins at vocals, the band released A Trick of The Tail and Wind & Wuthering in 1976 and 1977. Hackett left around 1978, leaving the band a three-piece band. Still, they continued to release albums and, for a first, hit singles that were a far cry from the progressive material the band had done with Gabriel. Also at this time, Collins was able to have a surprisingly successful solo career. Collins left in 1996 but Banks and Rutherford continued with singer Ray Wilson. That album, Calling All Stations, tanked and the band disappeared until 2006 when Collins, Banks, and Rutherford reunited for a world tour.

While this news is a bit of a bummer, it should come as no surprise. Phil can't drum and we knew that since 2009. He was able to attend the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction of Genesis but he and the band did not perform. This is especially a bummer for those people who were holding out on a reunion of the classic line-up of Peter, Steve, Mike, Phil, and Tony. As I've reported before, Peter has had a fascination in touring and performing the entire Lamb album. Without Phil in the band and retired, chances seem very small of just Peter, Steve, Mike, and Tony reuniting. Still, they need a drummer. I think their best shot is calling up Chester Thompson, who served as the band's touring drummer from 1978 till the last tour in 2007, to be the drummer. Still, I'm not holding my breath for a reunion. When I read that article about Phil last year, he seemed very depressed. I hope Phil doesn't become a rock n roll reclusive like Syd Barrett (R.I.P.), Captain Beefheart (R.I.P.), and possibly Slade's Noddy Holder. I think I'd like to wish Phil the best of luck in the rest of his life. While I'm not a fan of his solo work, Phil has sure have left an impression on progressive rock music as one of the greatest drummers ever. Good luck, Phil. 

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