Thursday, June 16, 2011

Metallica and Lou Reed have recorded an album...

Earlier this year, guitarist Kirk Hammet said that Metallica would be making their next studio album. Hammet added that the project was to be "top secret". Well just recently, Metallica have revealed on their official site that they've completed making an entire album with legendary singer/songwriter Lou Reed. According to the post on the band's site, Metallica had been "kicking around the idea" of making an album with the former Velvet Underground member since they performed with Reed in 2009 at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert. The band and Reed played the Velvet Underground classic, "Sweet Jane". It also says in the article that ten tracks have been recorded. No release date has been announced yet but Metallica are very excited to get this out.
This is awesome. I will admit it is an odd pairing but I love both Lou and Metallica. Metallica isn't really known for experimenting and have been basically thrash metal and hard rock. Lou's career with the Velvet Underground was basically protopunk and early alternative rock music. When it comes to his solo career, Lou is really only known for the Transformer album and "Walk On The Wild Side". I've explored some of his amazing man's discography and there isn't anything he hasn't done: he's done concept albums (Berlin), avant garde albums (Metal Machine Music, even though most of us hate it), simple blues rock albums (The Blue Mask) and too many others to mention. This should be an interesting album. I'll be picking this up, for sure.

Metallica + Lou Reed = Loutallica!

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