Thursday, November 24, 2011

Freddie Mercury (1946-1991) and Eric Carr (1951-1991): 20 years later...

 Freddie Mercury - Mr. Bad Guy

Freddie Mercury (born as Farrokh Bulsara )
September 5, 1946-November 24, 1991

Freddie Mercury was the lead singer for Queen. For the 70's and the 80's, Queen become one of the most successful rock bands ever. Mercury was best known for his live performances, outfits on stage, and his incredible vocal range. Toward the late 1980's, Mercury had looking more frail and skinny. Tabloid papers speculated that Mercury had the AIDS disease. In private, Mercury told his fellow Queen bandmates that he was indeed sick but that he just wanted to continue with the music. On November 23, 1991, Mercury finally announced to the world that he had AIDS. He encouraged fans to join him in stopping the disease. A day later, Mercury was dead at 45 years old. Less than a year later, the surviving members of Queen held a tribute concert for Freddie. The concert raised money for AIDS awareness and research. 

 Eric Carr - Rockology
Eric Carr (born as Paul Charles Carvello)
July 12, 1950-November 24, 1991

Eric Carr had been the drummer for Kiss since 1980, replacing original drummer Peter Criss. Carr's persona was the Fox. In 1982, Kiss were in trouble. The idea came around that the band should remove their iconic make-up in 1983. While some thought it was a publicity stunt, the change ushered in a new era of Kiss. Even without the make-up, Kiss were still popular. Carr was known for his intense drumming style and he also adored the fans of Kiss, speaking to them and signing autographs. In early 1991, Carr had open heart surgery. Doctor discovered that Carr had cancer. On November 24, 1991, Eric Carr passed away. He was only 41 years old.  Carr was replaced by drummer Eric Singer. The band's 1992 album, Revenge, was dedicated to Carr. 

RIP Freddie and Eric!

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