Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Steel Panther "Balls Out" album review

Steel Panther - Balls Out
Steel Panther
Balls Out
Rating: ****

It's finally here: two years after their debut album Feel The Steel, comedic glam rockers Steel Panther have release their next album. The album, Balls Out, is another “blast from the past” sounding rock album. Balls Out features fourteen new songs from the guys and all of them sound great.
            Balls Out opens up with a weird but funny “In The Future”, which is basically comedian Dane Cook talking in a deep voice informing listeners of what will happen in the year 6969. “Supersonic Sex Machine” is a fittingly “balls to the wall” track with some great guitar work. Steel Panther are also on top of what's happening in pop culture. Take a song like “Just Like Tiger Woods”, which has some clever lyrics poking fun at the famed golfer: “Don't think about those 3 foot putts/And cover your tracks when you're banging sluts”. There's the Van Halen sounding “17 Girls In A Row”, which talks about the idea of a man having non-stop sex in the most absurd places, such as a grocery store. “If You Really, Really Love Me” is a very catchy short song that’s ready to be played on the radio. Sometimes, the sexual jokes get a little over the top. Examples of this can be songs like “It Won’t Suck Itself” and “Let Me Cum In”. Still, it’s all in good fun. Songs like “Tomorrow Night” are fun as well as humorous. It’s quite possible that had it been released some 25 years earlier, “Tomorrow Night” could've been a hit. It’s got a very catchy and very 80’s sounding chorus. Personal favorite lyric from the song: “The coach is fire but nobody cares/Charlie Sheen is winning in the bedroom upstairs!” There’s also the hair band power ballad “Why Can’t You Trust Me”. The song seems to be about a girlfriend who’s a little nosey. “Stop threatening the bitches on my Facebook page” sings Michael Starr. “Or I’m gonna rip your head off in a cocaine rage”. Another favorite: “Why you gotta check my prison history/Baby, why can’t just let it be a mystery/Besides everyone knows it was you/Who blew Justin Bieber at the petting zoo”. Other highlights include the Def Leppard-esque “That’s What Girls Are For”, the funny but true “Gold Digging Whore”, and the hilarious Motley Crue-styled ballad closer “Weenie Ride”. 
            If you like glam metal from the 1980’s and comedy, Steel Panther is the band for you! Balls Out is definitely worth checking out. If you don’t have it already, also pick up the debut Feel the Steel. Steel Panther are back and Balls Out certainly lives up to the title.

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