Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kiss' Music From The Elder to become a movie

30 years after its release, Kiss' Music From 'The Elder' will become a feature length film. UK-based independent film maker and musician Seb Hunter is at the helm of this project. Hunter came around to getting into Kiss around the late 1970's. He cited The Elder as his favorite Kiss album, even though it was a flop. According to Hunter, the movie is set to be made as a "post apocalyptic road movie" and that filming will begin sometime this summer. Two websites have been set up, one for information on the movie and the other on a book about The Elder to be released sometime in spring 2012.

Music From 'The Elder' was released by Kiss in 1981. The album was produced by Bob Ezrin, who had produced the band's classic Destroyer in 1976. Ezrin was enjoying the success of Pink Floyd's The Wall, which he had produced. Also at this time, Kiss had new drummer Eric Carr in the band. When touring in Australia in 1980, the band had in their mind to make a heavy album. That quickly changed when Ezrin wasn't impressed with the material the band had come up with. He suggested to the band to make a concept album, using one of Gene Simmons' story ideas that he had been trying to pitch to people in Hollywood: the story of a boy who becomes a warrior. Kiss had high hopes for the album and even went as far to planning a movie based on the album starring Christopher Makepeace. When released in 1981, the album was a critical and commercial flop. With that, Kiss abandoned the plans for a movie and decided not to tour in support for the album. Instead, the band did appear on the short-lived late night variety show Fridays and performed three songs from the album. Aside from playing "A World Without Heroes" at a few Kiss Konventions and on MTV Unplugged, the band has not performed an entire song from The Elder in concert.

I'm all for this idea. The Elder isn't a masterpiece or whatever but as a Kiss fan, it has a special place in my heart. Some of the songs are really great, even if it doesn't sound like Kiss. From what I'm reading, Hunter is waiting for an authorization or thumbs up from Kiss' Management. Even though they dismissed the album many times, I think Gene and Paul will help with this project. It would be for the fans and yes, Gene can enjoy the money they make off of it. I've already donated to this project. Below are the two links to the sites I mentioned before.



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