Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Rolling Stones' Tokyo Dome review

 The Rolling Stones - Live at the Tokyo Dome (Tokyo 1990)

The Rolling Stones
Tokyo Dome (Live, 1990)
Rating: ****

Believe it or not, the Rolling Stones are officially turning 50 years old this week on July 12. To continue the celebration, Google Play have released the fourth entry in the Rolling Stones Bootleg Series. Tokyo Dome is yet another fascinating show. Like the three previous entries in the series, the show has some history behind it. For one thing, the band were performing in Japan for the first time during their 1989-1990 tour for their then-latest album, Steel Wheels. The date of this performance was on February 24, 1990. 

As with the other live albums from the Stones, you get the live favorites such as "Jumpin' Jack Flash", "Start Me Up", "Brown Sugar", "Satisfaction", and various others. As this tour was in support for the Steel Wheels album, the band plays a couple of songs from it such as the "Mixed Emotions", "Sad Sad Sad", "Almost Hear You Sigh", and few others. When it comes to the actual performances, there are a few that stand out. The band plays a wonderful rendition of "Ruby Tuesday" and a very trippy version of "Paint It Black". As always, songs like "Gimme Shelter" and "Sympathy for the Devil" are always great. This was one of the first tours where the band was accompanied by a full band: saxophones, trumpets, back-up singers. So these songs sound very "full". Some people criticize the band for having a backing band and I can see why. Still, I find it interesting. The big treat on in this show, for me, is hearing the band perform "2000 Light Years From Home". It's kind of funny that the band dug that deep into their catalog. Another thing that I got a kick out of was Mick. Much like The Brussels Affair where Mick spoke French to the audience, Mick speaks Japanese during this show (and he's pretty good at it!). 

Of the four bootlegs that have been released, I think Tokyo Dome would have to be at the bottom. Still, this doesn't stop the show from being great. If you're a Stones fan like I am, this is worth getting. As always, Google Play is selling the album for $4.99.   

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