Thursday, July 12, 2012

Steven Tyler leaves American Idol

Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler has announced today that he will not be returning to be a judge for American Idol for a third season. In a statement given to the press today, Tyler has cited that he will be focusing more on Aerosmith. Tyler joined the hit Fox reality show in 2011 for the show's tenth season along with second new judge Jennifer Lopez. Tyler's switch to Idol met with negative criticism, especially from Tyler's bandmate Joe Perry.

No offense to Idol fan who are reading this (if possible), but I'm elated that he has left. I will admit that at one time Idol was a guilty pleasure of mine before he joined the show but him deciding to be on such a popular show would've interfered with what was going on in Aerosmith. Also when he joined Idol, it just more salt in the wounds of Aerosmith fans because there were still tensions between Steven and Joe. I'm glad that Steven will now be more devoted to Aerosmith. In my opinion, American Idol is just not cool. Sure it has discovered some talent but it really shows what's wrong with the music industry today: it's a vicious machine that attempts to make an assembly line of polished pop singers. If the show did anything good for Steven, it did make him happy and maybe it was an escape from the tensions with Joe for him. For me, this is great news.

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