Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rock N Roll Hall of Fame 2015 Nominees- My Thoughts

The nominees for the 2015 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame have been announced today. As with the past few years, 15 acts were nominated. Personally, I feel this year's list is weak. There are too many R&B/Soul acts and not enough actual ROCK bands on here. I'm pretty surprised by this list. Still, the Hall is allowing the public to vote but we all know that the public vote means nothing.

So here we go...

PUT EM IN: My Ballot
Lou Reed- Many predicted that Lou would be nominated for his solo career, given he passed away in late October of last year. This is Lou's third time being nominated as a solo artist. The Velvet Underground were inducted in 1996 so at least Lou lived to see that. Hell, he even attended with John Cale and Maureen Tucker! If Lou doesn't get in this year, I will be pissed.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- Like Lou, many predicted Joan would get a nod. I've always liked Joan and think that she's one of the greatest women in rock. I think I said during the first time she was nominated that it was strange that she was getting a nod before the Runaways did. It's pretty clear now: the Hall wants Joan in. The Runaways might get in one day.

Stevie Ray Vaughn- I can't say I'm a fan of his music. I don't think it's bad, mind you. It's just that I haven't really gotten into the guitarist/songwriter category he falls under. Still, the fact that he's been eligible since 2008 and wasn't given a nod once is a joke. He should be in already.

The Smiths- I've been wanting to get into the Smiths for some time. I've recently heard their debut album and I really like them. The Smiths are definitely influential and have an immense cult following in the indie rock crowd. Morriessey recently announced his cancer diagnosis, but hopefully he'll be able to attend the ceremony if the band gets in...or not. From what I know about the Smiths, it's very unlikely the band will reunite for a one-off performance.

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band- Why not?

Wouldn't Mind
Nine Inch Nails

These bands are all pretty cool. Again, I can't say I'm a fan of them. Kraftwerk should be in there for their Krautrock and electronic influences alone while War are worthy enough. It might surprise many of you that I'm okay with Nine Inch Nails. I think Trent Reznor is a creative guy and I've heard a few of their songs. I think they're cool. It might be too soon for them to get in compared to all the other bands that need to be in but I wouldn't mind seeing them in there. Some may think of Sting's solo work as too mainstream or not cool but compared to the others on the list, he's looking good now.

The Marvelettes
The Spinners
Bill Withers

That's an awful lot of R&B acts. The first three have all been nominated before and they never get in. I sometimes like to joke that Chic are almost like the Ron Paul of the Hall, as this is their ninth time being nominated. I don't really care what happens here. What makes me mad is that these acts keep getting nods and they never get in. It's a spot wasted in a way.

Whatever. They'll get in anyway.
Green Day- Earlier this year, I was surprised to find out that Green Day would be eligible for this year's list. I don't know if I've ever said it on this blog but I absolutely cannot stand Green Day. I think Billie Joe Armstrong has good musical tastes but I always thought Dookie was their debut. It isn't. That's their third album. Their first album came out in 1990 on an indie label, but their first release (an EP) was released in 1989. That's 25 years ago so that makes them okay to nominate. This pissed me off. I understand the rules and whatnot but to me, Green Day weren't really known until the early 1990's. I'd even argue that there was a better reason to induct Nirvana last year and I don't care about them either. I did say that Bleach wasn't as popular as their next two albums but at least that album had some relevance and hell, it was an actual ALBUM. With Green Day, the Hall just waited until that one moment. It's almost like someone going "Hey, I just found a cassette Kanye West made when he was a toddler. Let's put him in!!!" NO! Just no.


I hate rap music. I don't want it in the Hall but it's already too late. If they wanted rap in the Hall so badly, then they should wait until you induct some actual ROCK bands.

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