Wednesday, September 24, 2014

AC/DC announce new studio album and Malcolm Young's retirement

Today, AC/DC gave their fans some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the band have officially announced the release of their new studio album. The album, Rock Or Bust, will be released on December 2. The album was recorded earlier this year, reportedly in an impressive ten days. However, the band has some bad news: rhythm guitarist and co-founding member Malcolm Young will not be returning to the band as he has retired. Earlier this year, it was reported that Young was taking a break from the band due to an illness. The band has not revealed the illness in question but during the week of April 13, it was reported that Young had suffered from a stroke three weeks earlier. With Young's retirement, Rock Or Bust will be the first AC/DC album to not feature Malcolm Young. This makes his brother, Angus, the sole original member. The band have announced that they will tour for the album in 2015, with the Young brothers' nephew Stevie replacing Malcolm. Stevie is no stranger to AC/DC, as he filled in for his Uncle Malcolm in the late 1980's while Malcolm was in rehab. It has also been confirmed that Turner Sports will preview one of the tracks from the new album, "Play Ball," for the 2014 Major League Baseball Postseason. 

I'm happy to hear that we will have a new AC/DC album soon. This will be the band's first album in six years, their last one being 2008's Black Ice. It's a bummer that Malcolm had to retire but I'm sure he's happy that the band aren't stopping because of him. 

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