Monday, March 7, 2016

AC/DC postpone tour due to Brian Johnson's deafness scare

Legendary hard rock band AC/DC announced Monday that they would be postponing the remaining tour dates left in their US leg of their Rock Or Bust tour. The reason why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band decided to put a halt to their tour is due to singer Brian Johnson's hearing. According to the statement, Johnson has been advised by his doctors to stop touring as Johnson could potentially suffer from "total hearing loss." The band were to play in Atlanta, Georgia on March 8 at the Philips Arena next while the tour was original scheduled to end April 4 in New York at the Madison Square Garden. Johnson, 68, has been with AC/DC since 1980. Johnson was given the seemingly impossible task of filling in the shoes of previous lead singer Bon Scott, who died in February 1980 from acute alcohol poisoning. AC/DC proved any doubters wrong later in the year with the release of Back in Black, which went to become one of the best selling albums of all time, as it places second with 25 million copies sold, right behind Michael Jackson's Thriller (which has sold 42 million). Along with the news of Johnson's health, the band has also announced that these rescheduled dates might feature a guest lead singer. Refunds are now being offered to fans who have already purchased tickets for the remaining dates. 

This is terrible. Brian's been in the band for years and has been able to be accepted by the AC/DC fans for over three decades. It's weird that for years, the band hasn't had to worry about finding a lead singer since 1980. I cannot think of anyone who could fill in for Brian now. Along with this, Malcolm Young was forced to retire two years ago as he's currently being treated for dementia.  At the end of 2014, drummer Phil Rudd's tenure with the band was put to an end after trying to hire a hit man. Malcolm's been replaced by nephew Stevie while Rudd has been replaced by Razor's Edge era drummer Chris Slade. The band have been cursed again with bad luck with Brian's hearing is now. If Brian can't perform anymore, then it'll just be Angus, Cliff, Stevie and Chris. At this point, it would be too weird to bring in a new singer. With that being said, I think the guys can call it a day. They have nothing left to prove for us. They've left us with a great body of work. I think what should happen is that these last ten dates should be turned into farewell shows. I think if they can find a couple of different well known singers to come out and swap out every couple of songs- with Brian coming in at the end- that could be a good enough send off for them. Hell, they could even invite more special guests and perhaps some former members could guest (Mark Evans, Simon Wright). 

Whatever ends up happening, I'm wishing the guys the best of luck and hope that Brian gets well soon. 

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