Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bill Wyman diagnosed with prostate cancer

Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The news was revealed on Wyman's Facebook fan page on Tuesday by his management team. According to the post, Wyman is currently undergoing treatment. The post also revealed that since his cancer was detected in the early stages, Wyman is expected to make a full recovery. Wyman, 79, joined the Rolling Stones in 1962- replacing original bassist Dick Taylor (who would go on to form the Pretty Things). Wyman stayed in the band until 1993 and was replaced by Daryl Jones, who isn't considered an official member of the band but has been with them since Wyman's departure. Wyman continues to stay active in music. Just last year, Wyman released a solo album- Back to Basics.

Well, this isn't good. However, it's good to know that Bill's cancer was caught early on so Bill doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. While it says Bill is expected to make a full recovery, I think this should serve as a reminder that Bill isn't getting any younger I don't mean to be negative about this or anything but Bill is going to be 80 by October of this year. As with anyone who is diagnosed with cancer, there's always the chance of it coming back. With any luck, Bill is going to be okay.

Get well soon, Bill!

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