Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Steven Tyler quits Aerosmith? (UPDATE 11/11/09- FALSE ALARM?)

UPDATE 11/11/09: Yesterday I posted that Steven Tyler was leaving Aerosmith as Joe Perry had said so. Last night in New York at the Fillmore in Irving Plaza, Tyler appeared onstage with the Joe Perry Project (Joe's solo band). Before the band kicked into "Walk This Way", Tyler said to the auidence that he was not leaving Aerosmith.

No other comments have been made since but it looks like this was a rumor since last Friday. I want to apologize to anyone who read this and got a scare. Almost every major news site was confirming this and with all the crap Aerosmith had been through this year, I was believing this. Let's hope that the Toxic Twins and the other guys in the band can patch things up and get back in the saddle again!

Here's the URL to a video of what happened last night via YouTube:


Note: I've saved the original writing as a document just for laughs on Word.

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