Monday, January 24, 2011

Lick My Decals Off Baby and other Captain Beefheart albums: now on iTunes

Today, I got a Beefheart DVD in the mail called In Performance. I was surprised by how many performances with the so-called "Tragic Band" were on the DVD. While looking on Beefheart websites on more info or other DVDs, I found out some exciting news on the Radar Station's Twitter page: Lick My Decals Off, Baby along with other titles by Beefheart, are all on iTunes and Amazon's MP3 store (since last week, apparently). Why is this a big deal, you ask? Read.

Lick My Decals Off, Baby was originally released in 1970 as the follow-up to 1969's Trout Mask Replica. The album, surprisingly, went to #20 in the UK charts! This album follows in the same vein as Trout Mask Replica but the album is much shorter than Trout and has a dark element added. Like many albums, Beefheart's albums soon made their way to compact disc. Decals did but it went out of print very quickly. If you were to try and find a copy of the album on CD, it would cost you $50 more or less. You can, however, buy the album on vinyl which was reissued in 2000. A year ago, I was forced to this one and transfered it with my USB turntable. I've listened to the album about a dozen times (it takes a while to get into it) and now, it's much easier to get the album.

You can buy Lick My Decals Off, Baby on iTunes for $10.99 and on Amazon's MP3 store for $10.49. For those of you who aren't into buying music digitally, I suggest you try. The good thing is that it's legal and you can burn the album onto a CD-R, which can be your hard copy. Online music stores have been a miracle for me when it comes to finding obscure albums by obscure artists. I still think nothing beats going out to the record stores and looking through all those CDs and vinyls but the prices are cheaper and its basically the same thing (to me at least. If you're worried about sound quality, look elsewhere). Along with Decals, you can also find The Spotlight Kid and Clear Spot both for $9.90 and $9.99. I recommend getting those albums on CD because currently in print, both albums have been put onto one disc. Other Beefheart albums like Safe As Milk, Mirror Man (under The Mirror Man Sessions), Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller), Doc at the Radar Station, and Ice Cream for Crow can all be found on iTunes and Amazon's MP3 store (minus Shiny Beast).

For Decals, here are the links to purchase them:

Amazon MP3:

For Amazon, make sure you install the software and have some kind of media player to listen to the music on.

As for those of you who want The Spotlight Kid and/or Clear Spot:

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