Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gary Moore dead at 58

Gary Moore
April 4, 1952- February 6, 2011

Legendary guitarist Gary Moore was found dead this morning on February 6, 2011 while on vacation in Spain. Moore was staying at the Kempinski Hotel in Estepona, Spain. Moore was 58 years old. Moore's passing was confirmed by manager Adam Parsons. As of now, the cause of death is unknown.
Moore was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1952. One of the first bands Moore was in was a band called Skid Row (no relation to the American band of the same name). It was during his time in Skid Row that he met bassist Phil Lynott. Lynott, along with drummer Brian Downey and guitarist Eric Bell, went on to form Thin Lizzy in 1969. When Thin Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell left suddenly in late 1973, Lynott asked Moore to replace him for the rest of the tour. Moore's first stay in the group was short, although he did get to contribute the guitar solo on the song "Still In Love With You", which was released in 1974 on the Night Life album. By that time, Moore had left and was replaced by guitarists Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham. Moore was called in once again around late 1976 when Robertson had broken his hand in a fight. Moore stayed up until the band started recording Bad Reputation in 1977, which they mainly recorded as a trio. Robertson rejoined in 1977, only to leave again the following year. Moore was once again asked to join, this time as a permanent member of the band. This line-up released Black Rose: A Rock Legend in 1979. Black Rose is often thought by many to be one of the band's finest albums studio wise. Moore had a good stint with Lizzy but a little into the tour, Moore left. This was probably because he was more of a blues guitarist, not hard rock. Lynott and Moore would collaborate again in 1985 with the single "Out In The Fields". Moore then pursued a solo career, releasing both rock and blues albums. His most successful was probably 1990's Still Got The Blues. Moore had been still active in the music business. His last album was 2008's Bad For You Baby.
Current and former members of Thin Lizzy have shared their thoughts on Moore's passing. Former guitarist Eric Bell stated that he is "shocked" and that Moore seemed as if he was healthy. On the official Thin Lizzy page, both Scott Gorham and Brian Downey have made the following statements bellow:

"I am in total shock. I have known Gary since 1967 when he was in Platform Three and he's been an amazing friend ever since. It was a pleasure to play with Gary again in 2006 after his days with Lizzy.  He will always be in my thoughts and prayers and I just can't believe he is gone."- Brian Downey

"Playing with Gary during the Black Rose era was a great experience, he was a great player and a great guy. I will miss him."- Scott Gorham

As a huge Thin Lizzy fan, Gary's passing is a tragic loss for me and many other Lizzy fans. Gary was a great guitar player, as said before, and I think he has made his mark in both hard rock and blues music. Black Rose is my second favorite album from Thin Lizzy studio-wise, right behind Jailbreak

Rest in peace, Gary. 

Update 2/8/2011: It has been revealed today that post-mortem results have shown that Gary Moore may've died from a heart attack. According to Spanish police, the toxicology tests are yet to be done and that they are not thinking of Moore's death as suspicious. Also, a judge is expected to allow Moore's body to be brought back home.  

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