Monday, April 4, 2011

Arthur Lee and Love's "Black Beauty" album to be released, exclusive download

Apparently, this news is from a month ago but I think this clip has just been revealed by Rolling Stone magazine. So...

It was announced back in March that Love's lost and unreleased album, Black Beauty, would be released. According to Rolling Stone's website today, the album is set for release on June 7 and will be released on High Moon Records. Black Beauty was originally recorded in 1973 by Arthur Lee and the then line-up of Love (according to the Arthur Lee website, the line-up was guitarist Melvan Whittington, bassist Robert Rozelle, and drummer Joe Blocker). Love were originally formed in 1965 as a psychedelic rock band. The band released three albums from 1966 to 1967: Love, Da Capo, and the masterpiece Forever Changes. In 1968, everyone in the band but Arthur Lee left the band. Lee was forced to find new musicians and released three more albums until 1970. The band split in 1974 and reunited various times until Lee's death in 2006. This will mark the second posthumous release from Arthur Lee and Love, the last being 2009's Love Lost which was another unreleased album but from 1971.

This is pretty cool. I only own the first three Love albums and now I got to get the others. From what I hear, the Love after Forever Changes is much more blues-oriented and a bit heavier than the original line-up. It's hard to find information on the band post Forever Changes. Otherwise, I would share more information (a new Deep Bands entry, possibly?). I haven't picked up Love Lost either. I really like Arthur Lee and the music of Love so I'll be getting more soon! I got Forever Changes off of iTunes in 2006. It took a couple of listens and it was then I realized that its one of the greatest albums ever made by anybody. Expect a review of Black Beauty in June!

Today, Rolling Stone have uploaded a full length song off Black Beauty. It's one of the ten songs off the album. The song, "Midnight Sun", is very Hendrix-like and pretty heavy. If you'd like to listen to the song, go to the link below and it'll lead you to the article on Rolling Stone where you can listen to the song. Enjoy!

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