Monday, April 4, 2011

Gary Moore's estate: worth more than $3 million

According to a recent article in the Belfast Telegraph and Blabbermouth, the late Gary Moore's estate is worth over 2 million pounds. In USD, that's about $3.23 million. The former Thin Lizzy guitarist, who died earlier this year on February 6, was shown in records that his estate was worth 2.077 million pounds ($3.36 million) but was reduced to $1.65 million USD after liabilities. Moore was laid to rest on February 23 in a small village outside Brighton England, according to the Irish Independent. According to sources, Gary Moore had four children. One of them, Lily, spoke of her father at the funeral as "a man with rather colorful shirts" as well as "the kind of person you could never forget".
It looks as if Gary Moore won't be making the list of the richest dead musicians, sadly. I mean, $3 million is still a lot. I'm sure now that now he has passed, there'll probably be more money coming. The reason why I chose to put this up is because I found it interesting. Also, it shows that this man did have a career although some people may have never heard of him before. Does anybody think we'll be seeing some posthumous releases? Aside from all this, Gary is still missed by his family, friends, and his fans.

Rest in peace, Gary. We still miss you!


  1. The new blues album was in the can before Moore sadly passed away but unfortunately the recording of the Celtic Rock album was due to begin late February.

  2. Thanks for your info there, Lee. That's rather sad. I'm sure there'll be future posthumous releases from Gary.