Wednesday, April 20, 2011

K.K. Downing announces retirement from Judas Priest, replacement in place

This supposed farewell tour of Judas Priest has just gotten more bizarre: Founding member and guitarist K.K. Downing has announced that he will be leaving Judas Priest before the band is set to go on their Epitaph Tour is year. Back in December of 2010, it was announced that Judas Priest would embark on their farewell tour. When the news got out, a majority of the fans figured that with this tour the band would call it a day. Nope. Just a couple of weeks later, guitarist Glenn Tipton said on his website that the band will continue to record music but as for tours, this would probably be their last major tour. Right, Glenn. With Downing leaving, this means he will NOT be going on tour with the band for the Epitaph Tour. Replacing Downing will be 31 year old British guitarist Richie Faulkner. Singer Rob Halford, guitarist Glenn Tipton, bassist Ian Hill, and drummer Scott Travis are all still in the band. The band are also working on a new studio album that is due for release next year.

Well, this sucks. Really sucks. This then prompts me to ask the following: Por K.K? Seriously. History shows that Judas Priest were formed in 1968. Downing and bassist Ian Hill were in the band since the beginning. Glenn Tipton and Rob Halford joined in 1974. So with Downing out, Hill is the only original member left in the band. I'm very surprised by the news. What makes me angry is that K.K. couldn't just do one more tour and then retire. Still, if the band does come to town I'll try my best to see them. However, the fans are going to miss K.K. for sure.

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