Saturday, September 24, 2011

John Du Cann dead (1945-2011)

John Du Cann

Guitarist John Du Cann died suddenly on Wednesday September 21 from a heart attack. Du Cann was guitarist for progressive rock band Atomic Rooster from 1970 till 1971. Though his tenure in the band was short, Du Cann was in Atomic Rooster during their peak. He played on the albums Death Walks Behind You and In Hearing Of Atomic Rooster. On Death Walks Behind You, Du Cann took over lead vocals. With Du Cann in the band, they were able to have hit songs with "Tomorrow Night" and "Devil's Answer". Du Cann would later tour with Thin Lizzy in 1974 but for a very brief time. Du Cann had joined before Scott Gorham or Brian Robertson had joined the band. Du Cann, along with guitarist Andy Gee, had replaced guitarist Gary Moore (who ironically passed away earlier this year). Du Cann then had a solo career and managed to have a hit single with "Don't Be A Dummy" in 1978. Du Cann even rejoined a reunited Atomic Rooster in 1980 before leaving in 1982. 

It's a shame to hear about John's passing. It's sad that the line-up on the Death Walk Behind You are all dead: Vincent Crane, Paul Hammond, and now John. 

Rest in peace, John.

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