Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Rolling Stones revisit Some Girls this fall

While the band is planning or not planning for their next tour, the Rolling Stones will be releasing two things this October and November. Both things are related to the band's 1978 classic album Some Girls.

First off, Some Girls will be re-released on November 21 in deluxe edition and super deluxe edition. The deluxe edition will include the original 1978 album (band's site says it's been remastered but the albums from 1970-2005 were already remastered in 2009 so it would be silly if they went back a remastered them again). The second disc will consist of rare and unreleased material from the recording sessions of the album.  The super deluxe edition will include an extra disc, along with a photo book and a 7" single of "Beast of Burden/When the Whip Comes Down" with its banned cover.

On the same day, a concert in Fort Worth, Texas from 1978 will be released on DVD/Blu-Ray. The concert was filmed on July 18, 1978 in Fort Worth, Texas during the band's tour for Some Girls. The concert film, The Rolling Stones: Some Girls Live from TX 1978, will be shown in select theaters for one night only BEFORE the DVD/Blu-Ray is released. If you live in the US, check your local theater to see if they'll be showing the film on October 18 via Fathom Events. If you live outside the US, click here to check the band's official site.

This seems very interesting but at the same time, it's been done before. What I mean is that the Stones did something very similar last year with Exile On Main Street. The album was given a reissue  with the deluxe and super deluxe. The 1974 concert film, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones was also given a one-night only deal before being release on DVD/Blu-Ray. This time, it looks like the Stones are focusing on Some Girls. I recently was flipping through the Exile reissue one day and just listened to it. Now I gave the deluxe edition a nice review last year and said the remaster was not needed but good. Let me get this correct now: while the second disc was interesting, the 2010 Exile remaster is far too loud (and from what I hear, it's the same story with the ones that came out in 2009). I'm sticking with the 1994 Virgin remasters as those sound fantastic. So if I do get this Some Girls deluxe edition, I'm only getting it for the second disc. As for the movie, I would love to see it. I had seen Ladies and Gentlemen the year before and liked it. This should be interesting!

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