Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announce 2012 nominees

            It’s that time of year again: yes, that’s right. It’s the time when the brain dead people in the nominating committee at the Rock N Roll Hall of Shame announce the list of people who might go in for 2012. Like last year, there are 12 nominees. If you haven’t gotten the tone of this intro already, I’m not very happy with this list of people. So once again, I’ll divide all 12 in different categories.

Put ‘Em In

The Small Faces/The Faces- I was so surprised to read that both Faces bands are had been nominated. It’s very likely that they will not get in but listen here Hall of Shame: The Small Faces are almost like the forgotten band of the British Invasion. Steve Marriot (RIP), Ronnie Lane (RIP), Kenney Jones, and Ian McLagan were a fantastic little band. Though they only released three albums, the Small Faces are great. Steve Marriot is simply one of the most overlooked singers of his time. The guy had a killer voice. The music? “Tin Soldier”, “Here Come The Nice”, “Itchycoo Park”, “Afterglow (Of Your Love)”, and too many more. The reason why the Faces are also getting a nod is because it’s basically the same band: when Steve Marriot left to form Humble Pie in 1969, singer Rod Stewart and guitarist Ronnie Wood begged the band not to break up. As Stewart and Wood were 5”8 and 5”9, they certainly weren’t “small” anymore. Therefore, they were now the Faces. The Faces released four albums and are just one of the greatest party bands ever…then Rod Stewart had a solo career…
Number of times nominated previously: first time?

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- A lot of people were predicting a Joan Jett nomination and they were right!  I don’t own any of her albums but I think it’s about time Joan Jett and the Blackhearts get in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The only thing is that I really feel sorry for the Runaways. Shouldn’t they be in before Joan gets in for her solo career? Either way, I want to see Joan and her Blackhearts inducted. In my opinion, Joan is right behind Janis Joplin as the greatest woman in rock n roll.
Number of times nominated previously: first time

Heart- Again, I’m not a big fan or own any of their albums. Still compared to the shit this year that has been nominated, Heart needs to be in. Great music.
Number of times nominated previously: first time

Donovan- Same as Heart.
Number of times nominated previously: One

Guns N Roses- Finally, the Hall gets it right: nominate Guns N Roses the FIRST year they’re eligible. Now what may confused people is that Guns N Roses didn’t release their debut, Appietite for Destruction, until 1987. However, the rule is your first release must be 25 years old. An EP called Live ?!*@ Like A Suicide was the band’s first release in 1986. So it’s all good. Now when the is inducted, I think the Hall will be focusing on everything up until The Spaghetti Incident from 1993. So that means no Chinese Democracy love. As for the original band reuniting to play at the ceremony, don’t hold your breath.
Number of times nominated previously: first time

Meh, whatever. But…

The Cure- I’m in no way a fan of the Cure but I think it’s good that they’re on the list of nominees. I think the Cure are relevant to music, being a part of that alternative rock scene in the mid to late 1980’s and their leader, Robert Smith, is a very creative guy. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Cure get in but there are others who’ve been waiting.
Number of times nominated previously: first time

War- It’s hard to say that War is a rock band. For a brief time, they had Eric Burdon of the Animals as their singer. Once Burdon left, they were able to have a few hits here and there. With Burdon, they had “Spill the Wine” and without him they had “Low Rider” and “Why Can’t We Be Friends”. War is a good group. I wouldn’t mind seeing them get in but I don’t know if they will get in.
Number of times nominated previously: One

Laura Nyro- I still don’t see what’s up with the Hall’s obsession with Laura Nyro is yet I’ve placed her here. I’ve listening to her right now and I must admit she had a great voice. She does have a little rock credibility: Former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent did play on one of her albums before joining Kiss. Alice Cooper even remarked last year that he was honored to be nominated with Nyro, citing her as one of his favorite singers. If the Coop likes her, I guess I do too.
Number of times nominated previously: Two

Red Hot Chili Peppers­- I don’t like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’m sorry. I just can’t get into them. I don’t get it. If they have to go in, then okay. I’m alright with it but I’m sure these guys would want their influences in BEFORE them.
Number of times nominated previously: One


Rufus with Chaka Khan- I know who Chaka Khan is but I have no idea about Rufus. All I’ve learned is that they’re an R&B/soul/funk/disco band. They formed around 1969 and I don’t really care. I’m okay with most genres outside of rock n roll being in the Hall but people, this is the ROCK N ROLL Hall of Fame. No matter how much you break it down or in bite-size pieces, it isn’t ROCK music.
Number of times nominated: who cares?

The Spinners- Another R&B and soul group. Seriously? Okay, I’d be okay if the Spinners accidently got in. I don’t know any of their songs. Enough said.
Number of times nominated: who cares?

Freddie King- He was a blues guitarist. Again, I really don’t give a crap.
Number of times nominated: who cares?

Donna Summer- What is up with the Hall's obsession over this woman? Jeez.
Number of times nominated: who cares?


Beastie Boys and Eric B. & Rakim- There is one reason why I don’t want either of these “bands” to be in the Hall: they both perform hip hop and rap music. Rap, in my opinion, DOES NOT BELOND IN THE ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME! Jesus Christ, people. Do I have to keep repeating myself? I’d never heard of Eric B. and Rakim before and I wish I never knew who they were. Sadly, the damage has been done already: Grandmaster Flash and Run DMC apparently deserve to be in the Hall before the Stooges and Alice Cooper. Just please: keep them away.
Number of times nominated previously: two for Beastie Boys, who gives a shit for Eric B and Rakim?

So, there you have it. I’m very angry at the Hall this year. I thought they’d changed ever since Metallica got in and read off their list. This year, the Hall got lazy. They’re still forgetting the following groups:

-Deep Purple
-New York Dolls
-Jethro Tull
-T. Rex
-Lou Reed
-Captain Beefheart (RIP. At least people in Washington acknowledged Trout Mask Replica earlier this year for the Library of Congress’ Recording Registry. Perhaps the Hall didn’t want to kiss any more asses than they already have)
-Moody Blues
-Judas Priest
-Iron Maiden

If not one (or even two) of my picks get in, some heads are going to roll…

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