Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Queensryche parts ways with singer Geoff Tate

Over the past few weeks, rumors have been going around about tensions within the progressive rock band Queensryche. There have been various accounts of the band not getting along recently, ranging from access to the band's Facebook page and arguments that went as far as to Tate wielding a knife. Well today, Queensryche have announced that original singer Geoff Tate is no longer in the band. Originally, the band were to go on hiatus with Tate going on a solo tour and the rest of band to tour with Crimson Glory singer Todd La Torre as Rising West. Drummer Scott Rockenfield confirmed the news to Billboard that Tate is no longer the singer for Queensryche and that La Torre with be his replacement.

I had been reading the headlines of the rumors for weeks and weeks. Now I want to get one thing straight about my blog: When it comes to news stories like this, I make sure the this is coming from a legit source. This isn't freaking TMZ or Fox News, okay? This reminds me of the whole Aerosmith issue when Joe Perry said that Steven Tyler left the band. I had put up a story about it but took it down right after Tyler said he wasn't leaving. I didn't follow the rest of the story after that because it was stupid. So when I read about the Queensryche tensions, I didn't post anything about them because I thought it was stupid and it may settle down. Well, now it's official: Queensryche has fired Geoff Tate. I'm really surprised by this because Queensryche were one of those few bands that didn't have too many line-up changes. I really don't know what to say.

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