Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chris Squire dead at 67

Christopher Russell Edward Squire
March 4, 1948 - June 28, 2015

Chris Squire, bassist and co-founding member of legendary progressive rock band Yes, passed away last night in Phoenix, Arizona after a short battle with acute erythroid leukemia- a rare form of leukemia. Squire was 67. Squire had announced his diagnosis on May 19 of this year and planned to take a break from performing while he underwent treatment. At the time of his passing, Squire was the only constant member in Yes- playing on all 21 of their studio albums. 

Squire was born in London, England in the suburb of Kingsbury. Even in his youth. Squire already had his future set on music as he sang in one or two boys' choirs. When it came to picking up the bass, Squire cited the Beatles and Paul McCartney as his inspiration. Sometime in the late 1960s, Squire met singer Jon Anderson. The two made a connection in their love for rock music, as well as vocal groups. In 1968, Yes was formed by Anderson and Squire, along with guitarist Peter Banks, drummer Bill Bruford and keyboardist Tony Kaye. Although Banks and Kaye would leave shortly into the beginning of the 1970s, the band went on with Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman. The band were at their peak in the early 1970s with progressive rock classics such as Fragile and Close to the Edge. The band even scored a few hit singles with "Roundabout," "Long Distance Runaround," "I've Seen All Good People" and later in the 1980s- "Owner of a Lonely Heart." Throughout their near five decade career, Squire was the only member in Yes who had never left. Aside from Yes, Squire released one solo album- 1975's Fish Out of Water

It's sad to hear of Chris' passing. I can't say I'm too surprised, given how his peers who were diagnosed at his age didn't survive. What frustrates me the most about Chris' passing is that the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame have still NOT inducted Yes. They've been nominated a few times in the last few years but nope: they had to induct the young and healthy members of Green Day and Nirvana first. Chris is just one of several dozen musicians who've been screwed and didn't get to see themselves inducted. However, maybe it doesn't really matter: Chris stayed with his band till the very end. That's something to be proud of. 

Rest in peace, Chris. 

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