Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Rolling Stones- Roundhay Park review

The Rolling Stones
Roundhay Park (Live, 1982)
Rating: ****

Google Play have released the sixth and, sadly, the last in the Rolling Stones Bootleg Series. The album Roundhay Park, is a nice show during the Rolling Stones' 1982 tour. The show took place in Leeds on July 25, 1982 at Roudhay Park. It was the last show of the 1982 tour and sadly, it would be the last time the band would play live with tour manager and long time pianist Ian Stewart, as he would die from a heart attack in 1985. 

The show is pretty good. The band run through their first 20 years quite impressively. All the performances are good and band sound great. However, I'm a bit disappointed in the choice of concert: the setlist is almost  exactly the same as Hampton Coliseum, being that the tour was still in support for Tattoo You. The only difference is that "Angie" is played and "Let It Bleed" and "Waiting on a Friend" are left out. 

Of the six albums released, I think Roundhay Park is not in my top favorites. Still of the shows released, I think this is the only one where the band is playing at an outdoor venue. That's pretty cool, in my opinion. If anyone from Google Play is reading this, I beg you to keep the series going. Don't stop now. 

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