Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rock N Roll Hall of Fame 2014 Nominees are announced- my breakdown

Finally after weeks and weeks, the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame have announced the 16 nominees. The list, in all honesty, is pretty good. I would like to see many of these artists get in. However, there are those that the Hall will just not give up on. Also, the Hall is letting the public vote once again for the second time. So this is my breakdown of how I see the Hall's nominees this year.

Put them in!: My ballot

Deep Purple- Deep Purple have been nominated once again, the first time being just last year. I think they should've gotten in last year with Rush and Heart. I think it's a joke that they aren't in the Hall yet. Deep Purple are one of the most influential rock bands of all time and are seen as one of the pioneers in heavy metal music. I think all the members of Mach II should get in, including the late Jon Lord.

Kiss- Kiss have been nominated, their first time since the 2010 nominees. Love them or hate them, Kiss are one of the most successful rock bands of all time. Despite their haters, Kiss have managed to build up a loyal fan base known as the Kiss Army. I was bummed when they didn't get in for 2010 but obviously, you had to put Alice Cooper in first. Rolling Stone are known to not be the biggest Kiss fans but even their haters have to admit: they deserve it. As for who to induct- the original line-up. I wouldn't hold your breath for a reunion.

Yes- The Hall is lacking very much in progressive rock. Yes are obviously one of prog's best bands and like Deep Purple, they should've been in years ago. As for the members who should be inducted, I would pick the members who were on Fragile and Close to the Edge.

The Replacements- Though younger than most of the other artists, I think the Replacements deserve to be in the Hall. They're one those bands that you only know of if someone tell you about them but with the internet and the way it is, I've been hearing many good things about the Replacements. I recently got their installment in the Original Album Series box sets, which came with their first 5 albums. I think they're a great band. As for who to induct- the original line-up of course (though Bob Stinson has been dead for nearly 20 years). The band recently reunited with singer Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson at the helm.

Cat Stevens- It's hard to believe this man has not be nominated once. Cat Stevens is a well-respected folk artist. Personally, I don't really own any of his albums but rather borrowed a few. I think his contributions to the soundtrack for Harold and Maude should get him in automatically.

Sure, why not?: I wouldn't mind seeing getting inducted

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band- I don't own an album of theirs but I had them on my ballot last year. I really wouldn't mind seeing them in. I believe they were the first rock band signed to Elektra along with Love.

The Zombies- They should've been in a long time ago given how much people talk about them.

Hall and Oates- Not a fan but they deserve it.

Peter Gabriel- I'm surprised to see Peter Gabriel nominated for his solo career given it's been since 2010 when Genesis was inducted. Personally, I haven't really been able to get into his solo material. I only own his third album, which is a great album. I should give that another listen soon. But seriously- the guy's solo career is so diverse: he's tried African music, pop music, and experimental music. I wouldn't mind seeing him get in but I think it's a little too soon.

Linda Ronstadt- I've never been a fan of her's but seriously, it's an absolute joke that she's not in the Hall yet. That should've happened eons ago. Also given her recent retirement, I think she's a shoe-in. She sure could sing!

Whatever: A band that'll get in no matter what

Nirvana- Oh boy, where do I begin? I don't think I've said it in my blog before: I'm not a fan of Kurt Cobain and/or Nirvana. I just think they're a little bit overrated and the music is just okay. I will not argue that they don't deserve to be in because I think they do deserve to be in even though I'm not a fan. However, this is their first time being nominated since their debut recording came out in 1988. There are at least a dozen other bands that should be in first before Nirvana. However, if Nirvana get in it could be the "Metallica effect" in which the members of Nirvana could now go around and try getting vote for their favorite bands. Once a band is inducted, they are allowed to vote in the nominating process. Dave Grohl is a man with good taste (as evident in his speech inducting Rush earlier this year). So yeah...

Who?: I don't get why they are nominated

Chic, Link Wray, The Meters- I have some knowledge as to who these people are but seriously, how many times does the Hall have to nominate Chic? I just don't get it. If one of the three gets in, I really don't care.

GO AWAY!: Keep 'em out!

N.W.A. and LL Cool J- How many times do I have to tell you all?: RAP DOES NOT BELONG IN THE ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME!! Jesus, I feel like a broken record. Just please, leave them out.

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