Thursday, April 17, 2014

AC/DC confirm ill bandmate and deny retirement

Despite the rumors, AC/DC will continue although without one of their founding members. 

At the beginning of this week, it was rumored that AC/DC rhythm guitarist and founding member Malcolm Young had suffered a stroke three weeks ago- making him unable to perform. As a result, the band would retire. 

Singer Brian Johnson shot down the rumors of retirement yesterday, saying the band are still going into the studio to possibly record material for a new studio album. Earlier this year, Johnson stated that the band would go into the studio and arrange a tour to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Johnson did confirm that a band member was seriously ill, though he did not identify who this member was. He also stated that a 40th anniversary tour- 40 dates in 40 cities- would be a nice way to go out. 

Hours after Johnson's interview, AC/DC's Facebook page made a statement saying that Malcolm Young would be "taking a break" from the band. The rest of the band, however, will go on without him and start recording new material.

I try my best to not have any rumors on my blog. I wait until I hear from a reliable source. I waited to see how this one played out and this is what it looks like. It's sad to hear that Malcolm will not be with the band for sometime. Still, the way the Facebook post was written makes it sound like he's not coming back to the band. If Malcolm has suffered from a stroke, I would think he'd decide to retire- even though he and Angus are the sole original members left. 

However, I will look forward to seeing a new AC/DC album in the future. 

Whether or not he returns, get well soon Malcolm. 

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