Monday, July 7, 2014

Pink Floyd confirm "The Endless River" album's release

Over the weekend, it was leaked by Polly Samson (aka Mrs. David Gilmour) that there would be a new Pink Floyd studio album out soon. After numerous reports since Samson's Twitter post, Pink Floyd's Facebook page has confirmed the album's release. The album, The Endless River, is an album of previously unreleased material from 1994. This material was recorded almost after the band had finished recording  1994's The Division Bell. The album is also said to be the last recording sessions featuring keyboardist Rick Wright, who passed away in 2008 after a battle with cancer. It has also been confirmed that previous reports on guitarist David Gilmour making a solo album were false: in reality, he and drummer Nick Mason are in the studio right now remixing the album. The Endless River is slated for an October release.

I'm excited to hear of this news but I'm still a little worried. It's great that we'll be getting an album of never before released material but from what I'm reading, these sessions (referred to by Mason as "The Big Spliff") were not for a Pink Floyd album. This was a different project So in a nutshell: this is a studio album of recording sessions for an unreleased album that are now being passed off as a brand new Pink Floyd album. It does make me feel better that Gilmour and Mason are actually in the studio working on the album, but who knows how much of this work is actually brand new. Keep in mind that I'm still excited about this album, but not as excited as everybody else.

As for Roger Waters' involvement in this project, it's not happening. Don't get me wrong: I would love to see Roger record new bass tracks for the album but I highly doubt this will happen. He had left the band in 1983 after The Final Cut. From what I understand, Waters and Gilmour are on good terms so you never know. As for any plans for a tour, I wouldn't hold your breath. Even though my expectation are low, I'm looking forward to this new album.

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