Saturday, July 26, 2014

Riot V to release Unleash the Fire in October

Riot V have officially announced the release of their new album. The album, Unleash the Fire, will be the first album released under the Riot V name. Although not popular in their homeland of the US, the original Riot band are well known amongst hardcore hard rock and heavy metal fans. The band were formed in New York by guitarist Mark Reale in 1975. The band cranked out three studio albums with original singer, Guy Speranza and another two with Speranza's replacement, Rhett Forrester. Reale gave the band new life in 1988 when he revamped the band with the power metal sounding Thundersteel. The band kept going until early 2012, when Reale died after a life-long battle with Crohn's Disease. The band carried on, changing their name to Riot V, as it represents the "fifth phase" of the band. The new band have been on tour since early this year.

The band currently consists of...

Todd Michael Hall- vocals
Mike Flynz- guitar
Nick Lee- guitar
Donnie Van Stavern- bass
Frank Gilchreist- drums

The album will be released sometime in late August on SPV/Steamhammer.

Tracking list
1. Ride Hard Live Free
2. Metal Warrior
3. Fall From the Sky
4. Bring the Hammer Down
5. Unleash the Fire
6. Land of the Rising Sun
7. Kill To Survive
8. Return of the Outlaw
9. Immortal
10. Take Me Back
11. Fight Fight Fight
12. Until We Meet Again
13. Thundersteel (bonus track)

UPDATE: Riot's Facebook page confirms that the new album will be released October 27 in Europe and October 28 in North America.

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