Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rock Recap: The Doors and David Gilmour

Post Jim Morrison albums to be reissued 

After years of being out of print, Elektra Records will finally be releasing the Doors' two post Jim Morrison albums- Other Voices and Full Circle- on CD. The albums will be released together as a two-CD pack. In terms of the sound, the albums have been newly remastered by Doors engineer Bruce Botnick. Along with the two albums will be one bonus track called "Treetrunk," a single-only release that was the B-side to "Get Up And Dance" from Full Circle. No word on if there'll be any new liner notes but it is known that albums will receive vinyl reissues. The vinyl reissue of Full Circle will included the original foldout zoetrope  packaging. The two-pack set is set for release on September 4.

David Gilmour announces new solo album

Former Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour has officially announced the release of a new studio album. The album, Rattle That Lock, will be released in September of this year. It will be Gilmour's first studio album since 2006's On An Island. Overall, this is Gilmour's fourth solo album. With the release of the new album, Gilmour plans to tour starting in September. However, Gilmour doesn't plan to come to North America until 2016.  

Note: I'm aware I've been inactive on my blog for a month now. That's because of two reasons: one is that I've been focusing on selling records, as well as trying to deal with a lousy job at CVS. The other reason is that there really hasn't been any news lately on classic rockers that's worth posting here. Every day, I have the habit of checking Rolling Stone and Ultimate Classic Rock for news. In these last few months, there hasn't been anything.  For the last few months, there's been little to no news. Okay, so the Zeppelin reissues are still going but I usually post about things only if I'm going to buy them. I know that sounds stupid but in my defense, a lot has been written about the Zeppelin remasters- and even as a Zeppelin fan- I'm just not interested in spending money on something I already have. I've heard the remasters and I just don't hear any difference. The same goes for the Sticky Fingers remaster: I'm quite happy with the 1994 remaster and there's nothing incredible on the second disc.  For the last few months,   I have not forgotten about this blog and I will try my best to keep posting, for those who even read it.

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