Monday, September 13, 2010

Quiet Riot have reunited, plan US tour soon

According to BlabberMouth today, Quiet Riot have reunited. The band is choosing to reform without original singer Kevin DuBrow. DuBrow suddenly passed away in November 2007 from a cocaine overdose. In January 2008, drummer Frankie Banali announced on his official website that Quiet Riot was no more. Earlier this year, Banali announced he would be making a Quiet Riot documentary and asked fans to donate money to make it happen. The project met its goal before the deadline. According to the article on Blabbermouth, Quiet Riot has now reunited all together due to a "spark ignited" in Banali to go on. In the line-up is Banali, guitarist Alex Grossi, bassist Chuck Wright, and filling in the shoes of DuBrow is singer Mark Huff. Huff caught Banali's attention when Huff was fronting a Van Halen tribute band, dedicated to playing material from the Sammy Hagar era. After a "cattle call" audition and the blessing from DuBrow's mother to go on, the new Quiet Riot is set. The band are currently making plans to tour the US.
I'm in shock, really. I really thought that when Kevin died back in 2007, that was it for the band. There was no way out of that one. If you look at the band's history, Kevin was one of the founding members of the original Quiet Riot with Randy Rhoads. While Banali has been involved with Quiet Riot since 1982, DuBrow had been the band before then. I'm not sure what to say about this sudden reunion. I mean, there have been many bands that've reunited without a special member whether they are dead or alive (example: New York Dolls, The Doors, Plastic Ono Band, etc). I'm not sure what to think of Mark Huff. He does have a good voice but I really have to see the band play live and decide. For now, I guess I support the new Quiet Riot without Kevin. I'm aware that Quiet Riot did for sometime have Paul Shortino as the singer replacing Kevin, who'd been fired or left. Chuck has been associated with the band since Metal Health, Alex has been in the band since 2005 and Frankie has been in the band forever. If the band does come to town, I'll try my best to go and see them. In terms of keeping the music alive and Kevin's memory alive, I support this reunion.

If you'd like to hear Mark Huff sing, please go to the link below. It's just one song that has Mark singing to the original tracks (w/o Kevin's voice) of "Cum On Feel The Noize", "Metal Health", and "Slick Black Cadillac". Decide for yourself: Is Mark Huff any good?

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