Sunday, August 18, 2013

Riot to release new studio album in 2014

Hard rockers Riot have announced today via Facebook that they will have a new studio album out in 2014. The album will be released on SPV/Steamhammer in the US and Europe and on Avalon/Marquee in Asia. No other information has been given on the album except that an extensive press release will be coming soon, along with samples of the new release. This will be Riot's first studio album without guitarist and founding member Mark Reale, who died back in January 2012 after his lifelong battle with Crohn's Disease.

I'm very happy to hear that Riot will have a new album out. I don't totally understand the album title but I'm sure we'll find out in the near future. Although I'm happy to hear this, I can't help but think if it's okay for their to be a Riot album without Mark Reale on it. Perhaps they could release the album under another name?

Since the Facebook post did say a press release will follow, I will post more on this upcoming album when the time comes.

Update: I have a few things wrong here. Donnie Van Stavern, bassist of Riot, commented on my story on Facebook telling me the album does not have a title yet (although I did put one there, Chapter 5- Back For the Attack- that was the name of the press release). Recording for the album will start in December. Stavern also said that the band name might change.

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